Is the surname stewart royal?

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Is the surname stewart royal?




  1. Not neccessarily.

  2. I cannot give a better answer than others here have, I just wanted to say that I have the same birthday as James I.  :-)  Oh, and Wallis Simpson, but we won't talk about her.

  3. It can be.

    When in Scotland, the Queen and her family wear the Royal Stuart tartan at the appropriate times.

  4. It is only royal when it is connected with The Royals of Scotland,Mary Stewart,known as Mary,Queen of Scots,(r. 1542-67) being the most famous. From

    "The Stewart dynasty descended from King Robert I's daughter and her husband, Walter the Steward. Despite early unrest and weak government caused by several Stewart kings succeeding as minors, the dynasty flourished for over three centuries.

    During this time, Scotland moved forward to become a modern and prosperous nation. Stewart monarchs such as King James IV and VI were Renaissance patrons of artistic, scientific, commercial, religious and political endeavour, sponsoring figures including the poet Robert Henryson and humanist George Buchanan.

    Also of significance was the arrival in the mid-sixteenth century of the Reformation movement, bringing about the replacement of Catholic Mary Queen of Scots by her son King James VI.

    It was through the Stewart dynasty that the two thrones of England and Scotland - and later the governments - came to be united.

    The 'Marriage of the Thistle and the Rose' took place at Stirling Castle in 1503 between King James IV and Princess Margaret Tudor, daughter of King Henry VII of England.

    This union of the Scottish and English Royal families eventually led in 1603 to the succession of a Stewart (now with a change of spelling) to the throne of England."

    There is a link to the Stewart Family tree at the above site,as well as information on each Scottish monarch.

    The only way for a Stewart to be royalty is to be in direct succession of the throne,but the Scotish and English monarchy combined ages ago(to many a Scot's discontent).

  5. The Stewart line descends from Walter, the son of an Anglo-Norman baron who came to Scotland in the 12th century and was appointed High Steward of the Royal Household by David I.  Malcolm IV made that office hereditary, and Walter, the 6th High Steward, married Marjory, daughter of Robert the Bruce, and from them descended the House of Stewart/ Stuart. Several affiliated Stewart lines also exist, including the Stewarts of Appin.

    When Mary Queen of Scots was taken into the Royal French Court as a child, she changed the spelling of her House, so the French could pronounce it correctly.  Accordingly, Mary and her descendants, James I of England (VI of Scotland), the martyared Charles I, Charles II, James II of England (VII of Scotland), Mary II (of both England and Scotland), and Queen Anne all spelled the name of their dynasty as "Stuart".

    P. S.  The House of Orange didn't depose the Stuarts.  Mary (as in William and Mary) was a Stuart, but I presume you are referring to the two Jacobite Rebellions.  When Americans like myself think of the surname "Stewart", we think of the actor Jimmy Stewart of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" fame.  

    BTW--I'm a descendant of James II's daughter, Mary, according to What a hoot!

  6. Stewart is the Scottish version of Stuart. The house of Stuart reigned after the Tudors in England and in Scotland prior to that. When the Dutch House of Orange took over the English and Scottish thrones they deposed the Stuarts, which caused some discord for centuries after.

    Some Stewarts are directly related to the line, others took the name of the clan they were alied to.

  7. After looking at your answers - may I reply YES but spelled Stuart, a lot of the Stewarts I know in Scotland are what we call tinkers and a rough crew at that.

  8. There so many.

  9. Stewart is not a royal name

    Stuart is a royal surname.

    i am a direct descendant of prince Charles Edward Stuart.

    my great great grand mothers family name was Mc Gilvery,

    MC Gilvery was directly related to Prince Charles Stuart = bonnie prince charlie, who was exiled from Scotland  by the English after being defeated in battle, he escaped to the isle of sky off the western coast of Scotland

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