Russian volleyball family raises funds for Russian Star Natalya Safronova

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Russian volleyball family raises funds for Russian Star Natalya Safronova
In the recent memory, the Russian Volleyball Family donated money for the cure of Natalya Safronova.
The Volleyball players of three prominent women’s clubs of Russia joined hands with the Universum agency and collected some 60,000 Rubles.
Safronova, the former captain girl of Russian Women’s National Volleyball Team suffered a severe stroke in 2009. She was engaged in training session when the incident happened. She was immediately hospitalised and later she was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage,
which made her stay away from the court. She is currently under treatment but fairly on her way to recovery after intense care.
It was great setback for Russian Team. Her absence created a great deal of distress for the team. During all this time, Safronova was greatly missed out in every national or international campaign. She first remained under medical conduct in Cologne, Germany
for quite some time and then she was shifted back to native city Moscow. She has been provided with the best treatment in Germany and also in Russia.
Currently, she has been staying at a neurological institute located in Russia’s capital city. Safronova has gained a very good reputation, while playing under the Russian flag. She is known worldwide and has a huge fan following.
The whole Russian Volleyball Family has supported her to get well. The fans have showed their emotional support as well as collected funds for the needy player. In the Russian National Volleyball League, she was attached with Dinamo Moscow. Her teammates
of Dinamo Moscow especially played an effective role in creating awareness about the treatment of Safronova.
Currently, Volleyball players of three Russian clubs competing in the semi-finals of the Superleague put up a great effort and collected a fair amount of money for Safronova. The players of different categories donated different amounts of money in accordance
with the governing rules. It would be a great helping hand for Safronova.



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