Chicago Cubs’ Jed Hoyer comfortable with the roster – MLB News

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Chicago Cubs’ Jed Hoyer comfortable with the roster – MLB News
As Paul Maholm was inducted in the Chicago Cubs’ roster on Tuesday, January 10, the club’s general manager Jed Hoyer stated that the pitcher’s ‘win-loss’ record does not reflect his ability. It is rather his ability to keep the team high when it is struggling
With a record of 53 wins and having lost 73 games in his entire career, Maholm holds an ERA of 4.36 which, for any regular starter may not read as good stats. Nonetheless, it is the experience and power that he brings along that the club will count upon.
Jed Hoyer believes that that the presence of Travis Wood, Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza, Casey Coleman and Chris Volstad are reassuring for the Chicago Cubs. Nonetheless, even if there is enough depth available, showing complacency will not be advisable owing
to the possibility of injuries.
"We're very comfortable with the names that we have," Hoyer said. "You never know what will happen over the course of the winter, what's going to be available to us. A huge priority was building depth and we feel we've done that. You can never have enough
Hoyer intends to carve out a different strategy. It is to keep adding depth to the roster which will ultimately benefit the team with more variety. The left-handers by definition, as Hoyer puts, are more efficient than righties.
Thus the addition of Maholm will ensure a smooth rotation, posing significant challenge to the rival teams. Even then, for Hoyer, it is never sufficient.
“The minute you think you have enough pitching, you don't. We're happy with the depth we've built up over the course of the winter. It's a dangerous thing to say you're ever done," said Hoyer.
Paul Maholm had a 94.5 P/GS in 2011 with 3.66 ERA in the 26 games that he started for the Pittsburgh Pirates with 14 losses and six wins to his credit. His career WHIP stands at 1.42 with a total of 1143.2 innings that he has pitched in his 185 appearances
as a starter. It will be interesting to see what type of impact Maholm will have on the Cub’s rotation.



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