Russian stars join charity campaign to help Natalya Safronova – Volleyball news

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Russian stars join charity campaign to help Natalya Safronova – Volleyball news
It has been almost two years that the Russian volleyball player Natalya Safronova suffered from a severe stroke, which left her in coma for quite some time.
This happened on December 3, 2009 and the whole Russian volleyball community stood for the support of the unlucky player. The players of national team organised different charity auctions, sold their jerseys and opted for many other ways to collect funds
for Safronova. The process of collecting charity has not stopped since she suffered the stroke. Safronova is getting back to normal life but still needs medical treatment until she is fully recovered.
In the recent memory, members of Russian women’s national volleyball team such as Ekaterina Gamova, Lioubov Sokolova, Tatyana Kosheleva and Nataliya Goncharova joined hands with the Universum Sports Agency, which launched a project with the name of “Good
comes back.” The project is another charity action to collect funds for Natalya.
Universum Sports Agency is offering the fans to buy the magnets, which display the pictures of the four above mentioned members of the national team i.e. Sokolova, Gamova, Kosheleva and Goncharova. Each magnet costs 1,000 Rubles, while the complete four
pictures package costs 4,000 R. All the volleyball fans, not simply living in Russia are advised to join hands in helping Safronova to fight the ailment.
All the funds collected via this campaign will be used to support the treatment of the Safronova, who used to play for the club Dinamo Moscow and also represented Russia at various international campaigns along with the national team.
Most essentially, she is remembered as the 2006 World champion and multiple national champion. She suffered the stroke and was given treatment in Cologne, Germany, in the first place. However, she was transferred back to Moscow and currently she is pursuing
full recovery at home.
The support of players of national team will be helpful and it is likely that the implementation of more charity actions will further enhance the funds.
In this regard, the General Director of the Universum Agency Egor Nozdrin stated, “This is not the first time we are implementing a charity action to help Safronova. We are closely watching over the state of her health and extend our help.”



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