USA enjoys easy win over China in their third water polo game: Day three – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs

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USA enjoys easy win over China in their third water polo game: Day three – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs
USA’s national water polo team continued to serve notice of their talent as they enjoyed an easy win over Chinese squad in their third game on day three of the 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, on Tuesday, January 10, in Melbourne, Australia.
The crowd was very excited before the match, as none of these teams has faced defeat in the tournament so far. Nevertheless, team USA displayed its exhausting skills throughout their third game and face no difficulty in claiming victory over China. USA took out China with a considerable lead of eleven goals, as they scored 15 goals against 4 of China.
They overwhelmed Chinese squad with a 5-0 effort in the first quarter. Tony Azevedo of USA played a vital role in the first round, as he scored two consecutive goals after the start of the game.
Just like the first round, China failed to pass the ball in USA’s territory and scored no gaol in the second quarter whereas the American players added three more goals to their list and the score went to 8-0 after the halftime.
China tried to fight back in third quarter and scored three goals but failed to bring any harm to the American team, who also notched up three goals. Nevertheless, the Chinese team was able to show some improvement on the scorecard as the goal count remained 11-3 at the end of third round.
USA’s team elevated their efforts in the fourth quarter and accomplished four more goals, leaving no doubt about their victory. On the other hand, Chinese manage to score a single goal only and the match concluded with a noteworthy disparity among goals of both teams.
Azevedo emerged as the star of the match, as he scored four goals in the match, with three being in the first half and fourth in the second half of the game.
With no defeat in the tournament so far, USA now stands at the second place on the points table. They are just one point behind China, which has played four matches until now. Furthermore, USA will now compete with one of its strongest contender, Australia in their next match of the competition.



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