Patrice Evra hails Manchester United’s spirit after their win over Manchester City

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The Frenchman says that Manchester United will never die and people forget the history of the club... Mancini’s
men at the Etihad stadium. Evra led United to a 3-2 win over Manchester City in the F.A Cup third round but United were aided by Vincent Kompany’s sending off in the first half after he committed a two footed tackle on Luis
Evra will hope that Manchester United can build on their win over City in the English Premier League as well where the Red Devils are three points behind their neighbours and just three points ahead of Tottenham Hotspur who are
placed third in the Premier League standings.
 Evra said in his recent interview, “Manchester United never die. A lot of people forget that, they don’t want to respect the story [of the club]. But when you have the story behind this club, you know that when there’s a difficult
moment you’ll answer back, because everyone in this team has a big character, a big personality.”
He added that Manchester United had not shown their character and quality they would’ve lost the game but they proved that they were strong enough to gain a win at the Etihad stadium. He further elaborated that Sir Alex had emphasized
that it was a big game where it should be exhibited what Manchester United all about.
The former Monaco defender also said, “He told us that we’re not going to win every game just because we’re Manchester United. We had to walk out and play with the Manchester United spirit, and that’s what we did in the first half.
Even though we lost two games in a row, I didn’t think everything was over.”
Sir Ferguson will want Manchester United to carry on their confidence to the English Premier League where they need to avoid slip ups in the upcoming months in order to retain their Premier League title.



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