Javier Hernandez content with life at Manchester United

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The Mexican striker stated that he is still learning at Old Trafford and trying to improve his game in the English Premier League...
Javier Hernandez who was the key to Manchester United’s title triumph last season has found it hard this season to get on the score sheet for Sir Ferguson’s as he has been bogged down with fitness and injury issues. Hernandez
has had competition on the Manchester United bench from the likes of too; therefore Ferguson has juggled his front men more often than not.
After scoring 20 goals last season which was his first ever season in English football with Manchester United, Hernandez is not letting his head drop with disappointment due to his six goal tally this campaign. The Mexicans striker
will hope that his form can improve and that Sir Alex Ferguson will trust him to work the magic in front of the opposition penalty area once again in the upcoming months.
Hernandez said in his recent interview, “There are different circumstances because I have had more injuries this season than last year, but I am still enjoying it. I am still learning and working hard, trying to improve day by
day. I think each year it is going to be more difficult. In the first season, not only the defenders but also the coaches didn’t know me.”
He added, “I think now, and in the third and fourth seasons, they are going to know me even more. But good players like Wayne [Rooney], [Robin] Van Persie and [Didier] Drogba have been here five, six years or more and still play
at the same high level. I need to keep working to do the same.”
Hernandez also complimented his fellow team mates such as Berbatov and The young goal scorer said that Berbatov is a brilliant player who has fantastic touch and technique whereas Rooney is world class and Welbeck
is also doing well this season. Sir Alex has already sent out Macheda and Diouf out on loan to allow Hernandez more game time in the Manchester United first team squad.



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