SLAM Summer Beach Volleyball Festival set to get underway – Volleyball news

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SLAM Summer Beach Volleyball Festival set to get underway – Volleyball news
There is great news for beach volleyball lovers in Australia as the 2012 SLAM Summer Beach Volleyball Festival is just around the corner. 
The colourful event of Summer Beach Volleyball will get underway on coming Sunday, January 15 at Scarborough beach in Western Australia. The activity will be organised by the SLAM, which is a youth culture brand that produces the different beach volleyball
festivals in the southern hemisphere. It is a community of young boys and girls across the Australia.
The SLAM Summer Beach Volleyball Festival is a fun-filled activity with the elements of fashion and music. The event is especially organised for all those who love their health and well being as much as music.
The event will feature beach volleyball competitions for amateur and elite teams of Australia. The beach volleyball tournament will be named as “King of the Beach competition,” where professional beach volleyball players will show up. Furthermore, the aspiring
athletes will get the chance to prove their endeavours on the net, while DJs entertain the participants of the festival with their music.
According to the set formula of the event, the attendees and participants of SLAM Summer Festival will be treated to a display of both amateur and elite volleyball in the round robin competition of three levels. The winners will be awarded with different
prizes and honours. The fascinating feature of the event would be that local pubs of the area will get the chance to compete against each other in a bid to take out the Corona Cup.
Moreover, all the participants of the event will receive a SLAM goodie bag, which will be jam packed with items from famous Australian distributers such as Corona, Dupe and Midori.
The registration for the event is open and tickets can be purchased online via SLAM’s website. The cost for early birds is $40 per person, while normal tickets will cost around $50 pp.
The SLAM Summer Beach Festival is surely going to be a lot of fun. Some of the local celebrities will be there and music bands such as Potbelleez and Hook n Sling will be amongst those headlining the day. Reportedly, Kaz James of Body Rockers will also join
the festival.



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