Aleksey Dmitrik and Natalya Antyukh dominate at the Russian Championships – Athletics news

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Aleksey Dmitrik and Natalya Antyukh dominate at the Russian Championships – Athletics news
Whether this has been due to the selection for the Daegu event or the fact that the localised Russian competition has raised the bar of its performance, the Russian championship this year has been producing some tremendous results.
Each athlete that prevailed in his or her discipline either produced a national record or a Personal Best. Continuing with the tradition of this year’s event, Aleksey Dmitrik, the 27-year-old high jumper, marked his win in a heated men’s High Jump competition,
while Antyukh, the 30-year-old runner who specialises in 400m runs and 400m hurdles events, marked a staggering 53.75 seconds in the hurdling challenge.
At the event held in Cheboksary, primarily it was the men’s High Jump that dominated the day’s play. Amid a strong field lining-up for the title, as well as for bagging a chance to compete at the Daegu event, interest of the spectators was also high in the
game. By observing the final results emanated from the contest, it was established that the earlier hype was well justified.
It was perhaps due to the expectations of spectators, as well as the pressure on athletes that not any of the players was taking the task to emerge in the battle lightly. In an interview, given just ahead of the contest, Andrey Silnov, the Olympian, admitted
that it was not going to be an easy task. While airing his thoughts, he said, “But I’m ready to clear any height. Maybe even very close to 2.40 in order to win. My injuries are behind me now. It’s a challenge make the team for Daegu. I have many titles, but
not that of the world champions.”
Pretty much accurate in realising the strength of the challenge, Silnov was completely wrong about his potential to clear the bar for his emergence in the global athletics event. The strenuous jumper, despite of a high resolve, could not go beyond marking
2.34m and with this result, he could only finish fourth.
With the margin of 0.02m, it was Dmitrik, who, for marking an emphatic 2.36m, not only won the title of the event, but also confirmed his flight to Daegu. In the fight to claim the top position on the podium, he defeated Aleksandr Shustov, who happens to
be a European champion in the discipline. Before quitting the game, Dmitrik even attempted for the Russian record, which stands at an impressive 2.41m.
In women’s contest for 400m Hurdles, the victory was clocked by Natalya Antyukh, who, while running her own race in a clam and steady mood, stopped the clock in 53.75 seconds. The time clocked by her was important in two contexts, first, because it brought
her the championships title and second, because it placed her at the sixth fastest finisher spot of the year in her discipline.



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