Lee Chong Wei plans to compete in all tournaments before London Olympics – Badminton news

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Lee Chong Wei plans to compete in all tournaments before London Olympics – Badminton news
Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei, who has been deathly busy throughout the current year, again finds a hectic schedule in the upcoming year as he plans to compete in all tournaments before 2012 Olympic Games, which will start in the last week of July, in London, England.
The World Number One Malaysian is determined to remain at the top and he has started to work hard in training sessions without taking a break. In 2011, he participated in 15 tournaments and emerged as the winner on 7 occasions.
Now, the 29-year-old Chong Wei wants to maintain his top position in the Men’s Singles world rankings by participating in all international events. On the points table, China’s Lin Dan is catching up fast, making it challenging for Chong Wei to maintain his top position before Olympic Games.
Chong Wei will start the New Year by participating in Korea Open Premier Super Series, which is set to take place from January 3-8, at Seoul, South Korea. His second tournament of upcoming year will be Malaysia Open Super Series.
In February 2012, Chong Wei will participate in the qualifying event for Thomas Cup. He will appear in the All England Open Premier Super Series in March, where he will be defending champion.
In May, Chong Wei will play in the Thomas Cup, if Malaysia qualifies for the tournament. In the following month, the top seed will participate in Indonesia Open, which will be his last event before Olympic Games.
Malaysia’s national coach, Tey Seu Bock said that Chong Wei will participate in all events of 2012 before Olympics to maintain his top ranking.
He said, “Although rest is important, Chong Wei cannot afford to slacken because he has to maintain the top spot in the rankings in order to get the best seeding in the Olympics. Even when he is tired, Chong Wei is capable of reaching the semi-finals or final without too much effort.”
He further added, “It is vital that we don’t heap extra pressure on him and, hopefully, he’ll stay injury–free till July.”
Chong Wei is the only hope for Malaysia who can win country’s first ever gold medal at Olympics Games.



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