Greg Chappell urges ICC to make DRS uniform – Cricket News Update

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Former Kangaroo skipper, Greg Chappell, has recommended the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make the application of the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) uniform for all cricketing nations and at all international events.
Chappell has claimed that the new technology has increased the ratio of correct decisions and all ICC members except India are happy with it, so it must be available for each and every international game. He suggests that the adoption of the system should
be made mandatory rather than leaving it on the teams to decide upon it.
The cricketer turned commentator has come up with these views in the backdrop of two wrong decisions made by the umpires, and there is no DRS in the ongoing 4-Test series between India and, being played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Speaking to the media today, the former legend said, “If there's a chance that the really bad (decisions) can be overturned and the game is better for it then I think we should have the technology. If you're going to use it, well you've got to use it everywhere."
As customary, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said ‘NO’ to the Hot Spot technology before the start of this series. Despite Cricket Australia’s (CA) insistence, the Indians did not change their stance, advocating again that the technology
was flawed.
The Men in Blue have been ardent opponents of the system. In a bid to seek India’s consent, the ICC, during its annual meeting at in June 2011, made certain changes in the DRS, but the BCCI remained firm in its opposition.
Presently all the Test playing countries have accepted the DRS except India. It is a matter of grave concern for the other members of the, who have blamed the governing body for succumbing to the influence of the BCCI.
CA is disappointed by’s refusal on the use of the DRS, and the governing body of Australia has urged all members to employ the sophisticated brand of the system, to ensure that no criticism is levelled on the technology.  
The CA spokesman, Peter Young said, “Our view is we'll get there eventually and the focus should be on improving technology globally. Then it will speak for itself.”



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