The 2011 European Volleyball Campaign proved to be a huge success – Volleyball news

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The 2011 European Volleyball Campaign proved to be a huge success – Volleyball news
According to the recently released statistics by the Confederation European de Volleyball (CEV), the 2011 European Volleyball campaign proved to be a huge success.
The most prestigious event of 2011 CEV Champions League had an amazing run over a period of almost six months. The European Volleyball Family got a chance to witness some of the most scintillating performances on the centre court. In the men’s division,
Italian TRENTINO BetClic settled for the top honour.
On the other hand, the Turkish girls of VakifGunesTTelekom ISTANBUL got hold of the women’s title. The final round matches especially saw a huge turnout of fans.
Overall, a total of 770,436 showed up for the 2011 European Cups, which is a record presence of fans. The number of fans increased 12.1 percent than the previous season. It clearly shows that the sport of volleyball is progressing fast. The popularity of
sport can easily be judged through the huge reception of fans for all matches.
Out of this big total, more fans were seen at the men’s competition. The 2011 men’s Champions League matches were attended by almost 266,889 spectators, while the women’s competitions saw a total turnout of 152,593. However, the spectators for the women’s
competitions increased by 33.8% this year.
Besides, the Champions League the other competitions like CEV Cup and GM Capital Challenge Cup also did a great business of attracting the fans to the sports arena. The turnout of fans was high than the previous editions of the tournaments.
The President of the European Cups Commission (ECC), Riet Ooms expressed his views in the following manner.
He stated, “The idea to play home and away matches up to the very last stage of the competition was blessed with an overwhelming success. You may all know that in the past it was not that easy to find organizers for the finals in the CEV Cup and Challenge
Cup, and apart from this, if the home team failed to advance to the final game, then the last competition day turned pretty regularly into a quite depressing scenario with semi-empty halls and the right atmosphere missing for those that ultimately were playing
for the trophy.”
Talking about the turnout of fans in the previous years and this year, he said, “If you combine the four final four tournaments played to round up the 2009/2010 season, there we had a total of 30,800 spectators, whereas this year we managed to get more than
57,000 to the various venues, with all of the last and deciding games played in front of packed stands, and thus with the perfect background anyone could dream of. I am happy to ascertain that we made a step forward and starting from the many positives we
can take from this season, we will continue to work hard for a bright future of all European Cups.”



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