Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers

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Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers
Yovani Gallardo has surfaced as a promising pitcher in recent years. Representing the Milwaukee Brewers for quite a while now, he occupies a prominent place in the team. However, it is not pitching alone that  brings him in the league of quality players,
in fact, the Mexican professional player has recently made his name illustrious owing to his hitting skills.
He has a run average of 3.63 in pitching and a .213 average in batting as well. Gallardo has had nine home runs to his credit in 188 at-bats, with no less than 26 RBIs.
While he continues to serve the Milwaukee Brewers to the best of his ability, what warrants the attention of any observer is the variety of pitches this starter hurls. Take for example the curveball that he has in his arsenal. He has sliders, fastball and
changeup that present him as a great pitcher to reckon with.
He became part of the Milwaukee Brewers back in 2007 and to date remains attached to it. He started his career on June 14 against the San Francisco Giants, showing the signs of a good pitcher in-the-making. Since then, this pitcher has remained an important
fixture of the Brewers with the occasional task of hitting as well.
Famous commentators of the game saw an ace in him that would serve the Milwaukee Brewers. The predictions made on this player have not proven wrong to a great extent. Gallardo continues to improve and he is becoming a tough rival for hitters, and a good
hitter for pitchers as well.
In the 33 games that he appeared in for the Milwaukee Brewers this year, Gallardo maintained an average of 3.52 with 1.22 WHIP. Importantly, the player had no less than 207 strikeouts to his credit, winning 17 of the games and losing only 10. The total innings
that he pitched were 207.1, standing 4th in National League in the wins, and 5th in the strikeouts.
In his post season games, even though the team could not qualify for the World Series final owing to the splendid victory of St. Louis Cardinals, he played 3 games, winning 1 and losing the other. He had an ERA of 2.84 in the games that he played against
rival teams.
This year’s showdown that he had with Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals was an important one. The two players locked horns, and hurled quality pitches against their respective rivals. Whatever the end result, he had a vow to make prior to commencement
of the game.
“For a starting pitcher, it doesn't get better than this, obviously facing a great pitcher on the other side and a great team, I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be tough. I'm definitely going to have to bring my 'A' game.”
What was important for the player was his ability to appear in the postseason games. The fact that his team chose him for that task was an achievement in itself.



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