Volleyball tops end of year awards in Serbia – Volleyball news

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Volleyball tops end of year awards in Serbia – Volleyball news
Volleyball is the top sport in Serbia and this has been proven yet again as the 2011 end-of-year award ceremony arranged by Serbian Olympic Committee was swept by volleyball awards.
The colourful ceremony was held at the Houses of the Serbian Parliament in Beograd on Monday, December 26. The ceremony was attended by athletes of both men’s and women’s teams, coaches and other sports officiating staff. Serbian Minister of Youth and Sports,
Mrs. Snezana Samardzic4-Markovic made a special appearance, while the top officials of the Confederation European de Volleyball (CEV) and Serbian Volleyball Federation (SVF) attended the ceremony.
The players with outstanding performances in the regular season received several honours. Most of the awards were presented to volleyball athletes and teams, which showed that volleyball is mainstream sport in Serbia. Following players and teams got the
honourable mention:

Uros Kovacevic selected - Best Young Athlete Jovana Brakocevic - Sportswoman of the Year Women’s national volleyball team - Female Team of the Year
On the whole, the Serbian Volleyball Federation was honoured with the IOC Trophy for “Spot and Social Responsibility.”
Kovacevic represented Serbian Men’s National Team in many national and international events. He proved to be one heck of a player and always remained in the front row. The 18-year old was named the Best Young Athlete on account of his brilliant acts. He
was part of the national team that seized gold at the Youth European and World Championship in Turkey and Argentina, respectively. He also earned the honours of being named as the Most Valuable Player at both tournaments. Moreover, he made his presence felt
at the Junior World Championship and EuroVolley 2011 in Brazil and Vienna.
Jovana Brakocevic also spent a successful year and showcased an incredible show of volleyball. She proved her amazing skills during various European and international campaigns. She was named the Sportsman of the Year 2011. The chairman of Serbia’s Olympic
Committee, Vlade Divac, presented the trophy to the head coach of Serbian women’s national team Zoran Terzic as Brakocevic could not make it the ceremony.
Brakocevic was part of the national team, which bagged gold medal victory at the 2011 CEV Volleyball European League. Also, she helped the team to qualify for the final round of 2011 FIVB Grand Prix, where Serbia settled for bronze-ware. Individually, Brakocevic
was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2011 CEV Volleyball European Championship. She also earned the Best Scorer award at the end of 2011 FIVB Grand Prix. Overall, she did an amazing job and contributed to the overall success of Serbian team.
Women’s National Volleyball team of Serbia emerged as the best female team for the sixth consecutive year. The gold medal victory at the 2011 CEV European League and bronze medal at the FIVB Grand Prix were the two main highlights of the Serbian team, this
year. The head coach of the Serbian team Zoran Terzic and player Ana Lazarevic received the trophy from Goran Sorak, Executive Marketing Manager and PR of “Merkator trgovine jugoistočne Evrope.”



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