Robin Van Persie looking forward to new Manchester United era – Football news

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Manchester United’s striker, and Moyes, as he feels that the team is going to be heading into a completely new direction under the new manager. Ferguson went on to call it quits on his career as a manager at the end of the previous season, as he went on to walk away from United, following a career which spanned over 20 years.
He went on to go down as the most successful manage in the Premier League’s history, as he helped United win the league title more times than any other team in the league.
However, with the new manager coming in, things are going to be quite different, and this is something that the team is well aware of.
Van Persie feels that with this change in the way things will be taking place, the team is going to have to do their best to cope with the changes that are taking place, since they are the ones who will determine where the team heads from here on.
“It will be a new era and I am looking forward to it,” Van Persie said in a recent interview. “It is part of our as well. We have to deal with the new situation and how it is.”
“First we can enjoy last year a little. We have a summer break which we should all take and enjoy. And then, slowly, after a couple of weeks, we will start to think about next season and, of course, we are looking forward to next season,” he added.
Moyes has not managed to claim any major trophies with over his career with the Toffees. However, he is going to have to change all of that, if he is to prove to be a success at United.
He is currently sitting in the hot seat, but given the fact that the team’s players are on his side, he could end up proving to be just the right man for the job.



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