Roberto Martinez has nothing to say to Marouane Fellaini – Football news

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Roberto Martinez has nothing to say to Marouane Fellaini – Football news
Newly appointed Everton manager, about, following the player being linked with a move out of the Merseyside club and to one of the team’s in the top four.
Martinez feels that there is nothing he can actually say to change the situation, while insisting that being linked with a number of top teams is something that is rather natural and normal for a player like Fellaini.
“I don’t think it’s an issue at all with Marouane,” said. “Transfer speculation is unstoppable when you have been as successful as Everton. You will always get other teams who admire and want to take your best players. That’s normal and happens
everywhere. It happens at Real Madrid, at Manchester United and So there’s nothing we have to speak about.”
However, Martinez also strongly believes in the fact that Fellaini is not the sort of player who would go on and spend time thinking about these things, since he is far more professional then that.
He said, “I really don’t believe Marouane is thinking, ‘am I going to be here?’ I don’t think that is in his head.”
It was being reported that Arsenal had gone on to meet the player’s release clause, which left Everton with no choice but to let him talk to the North London club.
However, there have been no talks following those initial reports, as it seems like things might have died out on that front.
Nonetheless, Fellaini is still being hailed as one of the top transfer targets in the current transfer window. Just about every team in the top four is looking to sign him, with Manchester United and in their pursuit to land the
The Moroccan international is yet to comment on all this speculation and it is going to be a wait for another couple of weeks to see just where the player ends up going, given the way the current transfer window has been taking shape.



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