Mourinho takes a jibe at La Blaugrana – Football news

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Mourinho takes a jibe at La Blaugrana – Football news
Despite his departure from Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho is still tormenting the feelings of the Catalan giants, Barcelona, as he sprinkled salt over their open wounds once again.
The Portuguese mentor said in a recent interview that he is the reason why the dominance of Barcelona has come to an end. The Catalan giants were once a force to reckon with and beating them was never an easy as they entered every competition as heavy
However, this season, La Blaugrana were destroyed by the German giants, Bayern Munich, who won the match 7-0 on aggregate, as the UEFA Champions League semi-final kicked off.
Barcelona, while playing under Josep Guardiola, were most definitely the best team in the world. However, after the Catalan coach’s departure, it was hard for the team to keep up with the changing trends in football and Jose Mourinho took full advantage
to keep the pressure on the Spanish giants.
In a recent interview, ‘The Special One’ quoted how he managed to put an end to Barcelona’s hegemony in not only, but also the world.
The Portuguese coach said, “I damaged Spanish football by breaking Barcelona's dominance.” 
These lines will most definitely hurt the Catalan fans as they can find sheer reality in the fact that’s form dipped when Jose Mourinho took charge of Real Madrid. Even though the first season was totally dominated by the Catalan giants, the very
next season, Josep Guardiola had to surrender against the current boss, Jose Mourinho.
This season, despite winning the Spanish La Liga title, there is no doubt that Barcelona were not the same team that was once feared. They entered the European competition, UEFA Champions League, as heavy favourites, but once they entered into the quarter-final
stage, they were no longer considered as favourites.
With the injury to and the defence line, La Blaugrana just slipped past the French side PSG. However, Bayern Munich showed no mercy and scored 7 goals against a team that was once considered to be the best in the world.



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