Eric Abidal talks about Barcelona departure – Football news

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Eric Abidal talks about departure – Football news
The French defender is the first player to depart from La Blaugrana this season, as the club decided not to keep him after what he has been through for the past two seasons.
Eric Abidal has gone through a lot in the past two seasons. The French defender was first diagnosed with a liver problem, which later turned out to be cancer. However, despite his unusual situation, he was substituted in the 2011 UEFA Champions League final
against Manchester United, which the Catalan giants won 3-1.
While talking about his departure from the Catalan team that has helped him through thick and thin, the Frenchman said, “They considered it a risk that something may have happened to me, they did not want to assume the supposed responsibility. I have no
grudge with what I have experienced I cannot allow myself to think about anything negative. The offer to return [in a non-playing role] is a luxury for me, but when I retire.”
In order to respect the player, gave his captain’s armband to Eric Abidal, who raised the trophy at Wembley and the whole world saw how La Blaugrana supported the Frenchman.
The very next season, Eric Abidal was diagnosed with cancer. He had to go through a lot of troubles in order to fully recover himself. He lost weight and the stamina to continue as a first-team player. However, despite these unusual circumstances, La Blaugrana
still kept faith in the Frenchman and asked him to train with the first-team after he medically recovered at the club’s hospital.
This season he even managed to make a few appearances for La Blaugrana as they won the Spanish La Liga. The Catalan giants really needed his help as they saw an injury plagued month when the team reached the UEFA Champions League semi-final stage. Abidal
was not fit to play in the first team and they had to rely on the young defender, Marc Bartra, who was not able to give an up-to-the-mark performance and the Spanish champions lost 7-0 on aggregate.
“I will continue to play so long as my doctors give me permission. I believe this is not the time to quit, I intend to play on until I am 35,” he said.
Abidal is expected to join his former coach, Josep Guardiola, at Bayern Munich as the summer transfer window opens.



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