Robin Van Persie wants Arsenal to bounce back from defeat against Manchester United

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Robin Van Persie wants Arsenal to bounce back from defeat against Manchester United has gone on to state that he wants the Gunners to look beyond the defeat to Manchester United and bounce back stronger than they have ever been in the past.
The Gunners, who went into the game against Untied with a number of their key players missing, were ripped apart as the Red Devils won by eight goals to two. Rooney scored a hat trick, Ashley Young a brace and Welbeck, all managed to
find the back of the net as well.
Despite having a number of key players missing for the game, Van Persie doesn’t think it was a solid reason for the team to get ripped apart like they did. The forward is now looking towards the Gunners to come back stronger than before and take the game
to Swansea.
Van Persie, when talking about what Arsenal need to do is quoted to have said:
"We need to come back"
“We have Swansea in two weeks, which is a good opponent and I look forward to that.”
He then went on to admit that the time to make excuses was over and that it was now up to the Gunners to dig deep and comeback.
"I don't think we can hide behind injuries or suspensions. It is no excuse. They had injuries too, this is football."
The forward then admitted that the only glimmer of hope was the fans and their cheering during the game. The travelling fans cheered their team on, despite the ridiculous performance and that is something that Van Persie, along with the rest of the squad
"That is one really positive thing. They were cheering us up all game for 90 minutes. We really appreciate that.”
The Gunners really need to pull together and try and come out of the sinkhole that they now find themselves in. With just three days left in the transfer window, Arsenal are going to need to make some serious purchases in the transfer window, if they are
to stand any chance of making the top four this season.



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