Someone I know had a dream about a white bird?

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Ok a few years ago one of my parents had a dream about a white bird in a peaceful place falling into clear water. Then the next day we found that a freind of the family had passed away that day. Is there any concept in this dream that symbolizes someone passing away?




  1. A white bird can signify simplification and internal harmony, if it was in flight it may signify prosperity to the dreamer....if the bird was actually dead and falling, it can symbolize and 'end' in many respects. Water often signifies aspects of change, the disturbing of still water can symbolize disappointing seams it could be relevant.

  2. i felt a bird flying around me (not literally) and God was saying

    saying i worry too much.

  3. Death is symbolized by "falling into clear water."  It is the falling that is the key.  White is good, as it denotes innocence, purity and Spirit.  Often, birds are symbols of the soul.

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