Playing European/PAL Playstation 1 games on an American Playstation?

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Playing PAL Playstation 1 games on an American Playstation?

I have my modded/chipped 12 year old PS1 to play non American PS1 games and backups. For the longest time I've wanted to get a copy of Vib Ribbon, ( a rare quirky Japanese video game released in Europe and Japan only 1999. I'd love to get a copy of the game, I know the PS 1 will play Japanese games due to the TV standard being the same (NTSC)

What stops me is that the game will be in Japanese. All the text and spoken sounds. Does anyone know if I get a British or European copy of Vib Ribbon will I be able to play it since Europe uses PAL as the TV system and the US uses NTSC?





  1. The PAL game will not work. You need a PAL to NTSC converter. Only the JApanese game will work. Brush up on your Japanese! :P

  2. Chipped PS1 won't have a problem with the regions issue. Just make sure your TV supports PAL signal.

    As for the PAL version of the game - here you go:

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