PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to allow players to play game while downloading – Gaming news

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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to allow players to play game while downloading – Gaming news
It has been learned that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will feature technologies that will allow players to start playing the game even before it is finished downloading.
While both Sony and Microsoft are yet to reveal how much game will need to be downloaded onto to the console before it would become possible to start playing it, any amount of cut in the waiting time would come as a huge relief for the gamers.
With the use of digital stores to purchase titles becoming increasingly common among gamers, one of the main inconveniences that were commonly complained about was the lengthy downloading times.
Some players revealed that they had to wait for nearly an entire day for the downloading to finish after making a digital purchase of a game that was somewhere around eight to ten gigabytes in size.
After going through the torturous waiting time, the satisfaction by actually playing the game was significantly reduced.
Another great thing about the aforementioned feature in the two upcoming next-generation consoles is that it will also reduce the loading times for gamers who are still too reluctant to go all digital.
Even by purchasing the disc from a physical store and popping it into the console, it will be possible to install the game in the background while playing it. Installing the game onto the console’s hard-drive will significantly reduce loading times.
While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have plenty of different features, gamers would be glad to learn neither console has left out the feature to let gamers enjoy the game before it is finishing downloading and also to silently install it in the background.
This sort of convenience is precisely what the gamers will be expecting of the highly-anticipated consoles by two of the Industry giants.
The analysts had been pushing for injection of fresh consoles into the market since a long time, fearing that the arrival of smartphones and tablets is gradually killing off people’s interest in consoles. They felt that high-end consoles may prevent the industry from dying down completely.
While Nintendo responded to the situation swiftly and released its next-generation console Wii U in the final quarter of 2012, both Sony and Microsoft waited for a while to react with announcements of their own high-end consoles, which are expected to come out in the final quarter of this year.



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