PlayStation Vita can play PlayStation 3 games via Remote Play

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PlayStation Vita can play PlayStation 3 games via Remote Play
Sony are throwing considerable weight behind their next generation handheld portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita and for good reason, as it seems that the consumer electronics company has put plenty of effort and technology in the product.
Sony showed off plenty of features and also revealed a number of titles which the PlayStation Vita will offer but the one that caught almost everyone’s eye was its Remote Play feature.
Although the Remote Play feature is not something new, as Sony’s previous handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Portable, more commonly known as the PSP, also had the feature. Though its uses were limited and did not have the scope or the functionality
of the Vita.
The Vita can not only be used as an extra PlayStation 3 controller but it can also be used to play PlayStation 3 titles using the Vita’s screen and buttons. It pretty much becomes a Portable PlayStation 3.
It does this using the Remote Play Feature and unlike on the PSP, it does not require a USB connection and can instead use Wi-Fi and 3G. While this may not sound like a big deal to many, it basically means that gamers can use the Vita to play PlayStation
3 games anywhere they are.
Provided of course that the game is either on the PS3’s hard disk or in the Blu-Ray drive.
When the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, demonstrated the feature to the audience at the Tokyo Game Show, it took a while for the possibilities of what they were seeing to sink in.
That, though was mostly because they were watching Mr. Yoshida play Killzone 3 on the Vita. Not a port or a Vita version of the game, but rather the full PlayStation 3 version of Killzone 3 on the Vita.
The Vita’s screen displayed the image and the controls and buttons did what they were supposed to and an added bonus was the fact that the Vita’s touchscreen capabilities were also utilized.
All in all, the presentation was irrefutably impressive and Sony’s competitor in the handheld gaming device market ought to be slightly concerned, that is unless they have not already pressed the panic button.
A strong ‘launch window’ line-up was also announced though it will be interesting to see how many of the 70-plus games will actually be made available during the launch of the Vita.
The PlayStation Vita looks a very impressive piece of technology and looks like the first real step towards cross platform gaming and breaking the limitations and restrictions on how gamers currently play games.
We will keep readers updated on any PlayStation Vita news as and when it happens.



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