How do I use my XP laptop to connect to Xbox Live? 10 points for best!?

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I've bought one of those crossover Ethernet cables (Cat5e UTP Network cable I think is the technical term). I've tried lots of online guides, such as this YouTube one: I also followed an Instructables guide on this but I can't get it to work.

Basically what I'm trying to do is this:

(--- means wired connection, ~~~ means wireless)

Wireless router ~~~ XP Laptop --- Xbox 360

When I connect to my 360 I always fail at the IP Address. It's like it can't get it or something. My laptop is also different to everyone else's I've seen on the web. If you take 2:10 in the YouTube video above, when I look under Advanced in my Wireless Connection's properties, there is no option for Internet Connection sharing. It only has the bit about Windows Firewall, the two boxes just aren't there to tick!

Please help. I'm tearing my hair out here. There has to be a way to get around the IP Address problem and connect right? I tried ipconfig/all and keyed in the addresses myself but that did nothing either...but it works for everyone else on Automatic detection. Manual did nothing.

Please help! :) I'll pick the best answer




  1. well what i think is that your laptop is using an ip adress and doesn't have the ability to generate another one for your xbox to use like a routher can.

    i also once tried connecting xbox live through my laptop and it didn't work i tried everything i could. i tore my hair out as well well the last that worked is just to get that $20 50ft xbox live wire and connect it to your router.

    maybe you should turn off your firewall settings

    srry i wasnt much help to you

  2. Hmm....I in fact use xbox live by connecting it to a laptop using a ethernet cable by bridging them learn how to do so click on this link has pictures to guide you too..

    Bridging is also helpful because you can access all your files in your My Music Folder or My Pictures folder, if you have windows media player.

    This way you can stream music, pictures and videos from your laptop.

    To enable your xbox 360 to view the items in you Windows Media Player, go to your windows media player when connected on the bridge then click on tools, then options then go to the library tab, then click on configure sharing then click on the xbox 360 icon and click on allow.

    Now you can stream all the music, videos and pictures from your laptop to your 360 and you can also use xbox live just by bridging.

    To watch videos just create a folder in your my music folder and add videos to it. Then you watch in on your tv using your xbox 360. Same goes for viewing pictures.

    Bridging also works on desktops too.

    I copy and pasted this from the question i answered on this page

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