Tokyo Game Show to get PlayStation Vita, Brazil gets the PlayStation Store

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Tokyo Game Show to get PlayStation Vita, Brazil gets the PlayStation Store
Anyone who was looking forward to getting their hands on Sony’s next generation portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, will get the opportunity to do so in September, when the Tokyo Games Show is scheduled to be held.
One of the largest gaming shows outside Europe and the Americas, the Tokyo Game Show is also where the PlayStation Vita was first revealed to the public, in last year’s show, though in those days it was dubbed the Next Generation Portable, or NGP.
Anyone present on the showroom floor in Tokyo will be able to get their hands on the PSVita and try it out for themselves. It does sound like an exciting prospect, yet one has to wonder what will be on offer for gamers to try out on the powerful new device.
Apparently, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) are keeping things close to their chest, as Hiroshi Kawano, the president of their Japan wing, did not give away too much.
What he did mention was that any questions which gamers have will be answered at the event regarding the “system’s release date, launch line-up, 3G pricing and UMD issues.”
While all the questions are worth asking, the release date and launch day line-ups are the two things which will be the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue.
The PlayStation Vita was officially revealed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which was held in Los Angeles, and received huge cheers from the crowd, as well as rave reviews from critics who were pleasantly surprised at the $249.99 pricing
of the handheld gaming device.
The PSVita has gone slightly under the gaming radar since then, but it seems Sony are ready to answer the growing amount of questions surrounding the device from the 15th to the 19th of September in Tokyo.
Meanwhile, PlayStation users in the South American country of Brazil have something to cheer about, as Sony have announced that the region will be getting its own PlayStation Store. Sony made the move despite Brazil being among the list of 33 countries which
the United States Software Association deemed as to having inadequate protection of intellectual property rights.
Keeping the negative news to a minimum, PlayStation users in Brazil will get over 200 pieces of content to download from the platform and will also receive the Welcome Back offer, which Sony offered all its PlayStation 3 users when the PS Store came back
online after having been taken offline for over three weeks.
The PSN pre-paid cards have not been released as yet, though Sony plans on making them widely available in the region soon.



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