PlayStation Vita News: the PlayStation Vita beats the Nintendo Wii U at Game’s Critics Awards

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PlayStation Vita News: the PlayStation Vita beats the Nintendo Wii U at Game’s Critics Awards
Sony had one of, if not, the best press conferences at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which was held in Los Angeles. The consumer electronics giant, Sony, officially announced the PlayStation Vita, as well as giving everyone the pricing details for the next generation gaming device.
The cheer that greeted the PlayStation Vita’s announcement was not a hollow one, as the results from the Game Critics Awards (GCA) reveals. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the Game Critics Awards, there is always the wonder that is google. However, to save you the trouble, the GCA are basically awards given out by various video game experts and critics for both hardware and software for everything that is shown or demoed during E3, much like the video game equivalent of the Academy Awards.
Critics choose a number of nominees for various categories, before voting for one as the winner of the category. The PlayStation Vita won one of these prestigious awards in the form of ‘Best Hardware at E3.’
While one could say there was not much hardware on show at E3, at the same time one has to remember that the PS Vita was up against Nintendo’s next generation console, the Nintendo Wii U. So for Sony’s portable gaming device to walk away with the honour is quite a feat.
If the reader is still not convinced perhaps he, or she (we here at acknowledge the female gaming population as well), will be if they look at this from this angle: A handheld portable gaming device beat a full fledged video game console, developed by Nintendo of all companies, to win the Best Hardware award.
The reveal, as mentioned before, was met with a huge cheer, but the cheer when its $249.99 price was announced was one of the surprises of the entire conference, if not all of E3. On the other hand, Nintendo’s share prices dropped by five per cent each day, for the next two days, after the reveal of the Wii U.
Sony threw considerable weight behind the PlayStation Vita, showcasing a host of games, features and services that the portable gaming device will boast come its release. Titles such as Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, WipeOut 514 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss were all confirmed and the cross platform capability, which allowed it to link up with the PlayStation 3, wowed the audience.
The accolade is a good early sign for the PlayStation Vita, which seems set to be a huge hit in the near future. Sony did not confirm a release date for the Vita, however, one can expect that to change at this year’s GamesCom, which is set for August.



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