Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebackers’ coach Keith Butler tipped next defensive staff of Indianapolis Colts – NFL News

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebackers’ coach Keith Butler tipped next defensive staff of Indianapolis Colts – NFL News
Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebackers' coach, Keith Butler, has been tipped to be leading the prospects for a defensive coaching position at Indianapolis Colts.
A number of reports have quoted some anonymous sources inside Steelers revealing that the official was expected to fly to the Indianapolis next Tuesday to have a discussion around the opportunity with Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, and general manager, Ryan Grigson.
Colts had fired as many as eight assistant coaches along with their head coach, Jim Caldwell, a couple of weeks ago. The included their former defensive co-ordinator as well.
The team is in search of a new assistant coach since then.
A couple of names had been described to be on their radar, lately. They included Steelers’ staffer Butler.
Now it is being confirmed that Butler will travel to the Indianapolis Colts next week and is mostly likely to land a deal with the team management.
Reports have also emerged claiming that the Pittsburgh Steelers were interested to retain Butler under new contract, due in the later part of this season.
The coach was interested to pursue defensive coaching possibilities instead and apparently looks forward to capitalize one such available opportunity at Colts.
If Colts hand over a contract to Butler, he will be third most high profile singing by the team management, since they had taken on board Baltimore Ravens’ defensive co-ordinator, Chuck Pagano, for the head coaching position a week ago.
Pagano had spent a year at Ravens before joining Colts and was credited to building their defence as the second best on the National Football League (NFL) table.
After finishing of their past season at the bottom of NFL with the worst record of two wins and 14 losses, Colts’ owner has introduced massive overhauling in the team, sacking all their former managers, head coach and assistant coaches, in one go.
They let go eight out of their 20 assistant coaching staff and with several firings during the course of regular season they are now left with only nine assistant staff.
The team with the head coach in place has been looking for co-ordinators to its all coaching departments and as of the latest reports, Steelers linebackers’ official, with higher prospects of joining them, will make them focus on other departments.  
Butler if taken on board will be joining his former colleague, Pagano, as Colts head coach had worked with him during his stay at the Cleveland Browns. He had joined Browns in 2001.
The Pittsburgh Steelers had signed Butler in 2003. His contract was due to expire this year, and his team was apparently interested to grant him an extension.
With him interested in the defensive co-ordination duties he would not be interested to seek into renewal of his deal with them.

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