Oakland Raiders set to hire Greg Knapp as new offensive coordinator – NFL News Update

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Oakland Raiders set to hire Greg Knapp as new offensive coordinator – NFL News Update
The Oakland Raiders are set to hire the former quarterbacks’ coach of the Houston Texans, Greg Knapp as their new offensive coordinator according to some sources.
Knapp who has already worked as the Raiders offensive coordinator back in 2007 and 2008 under the staff of Lane Kiffin is expected to make his return to the team.
It is expected that Al Saunders, who is currently the only assistant remaining from the former head coach, Hue Jackson’s staff will be relieved in order to make way for Knapp.
However the Raiders coach, Dennis Allen recently appearing on a radio show abstained from confirming Knapp's hiring.
Allen and Knapp are both acquainted with each other as they worked together for the Atlanta Falcons.
Allen is a defensive minded coach and became the first defensive coach to be hired by the Raiders after almost four decades.
However, Allen in his recent news conference made public his views regarding the future strategy of the Raiders offense and defence.
He said that he was planning an aggressive form of offense and defence.
“We’re going to be an aggressive, attacking style of defence that’s built on stopping the run and getting after the quarterback” Allen said.
Allen said that the Raiders needed to be fast and aggressive in the offensive front and “explosive” in the passing game.
The Raiders are going through many changes in the team after they were eliminated from the playoffs following an 8-8 ending.
The changes started up with the hiring of former Green Bay Packers assistant, Reggie McKenzie as the new general manager. McKenzie called for changes in the team as he spoke of the time for a new “era” in the team and had the then coach Hue Jackson fired
on the very first day. McKenzie had stated that he wanted to bring his own man in who could win games for them.
That had led to a long search initiated by the Raiders for a new head coach which culminated with the hiring of the former Denver Broncos, defensive coordinator, Dennis Allen for a four-year term.
Meanwhile according to the ESPN Network, the Denver Broncos have refused Allen the permission to speak with their linebackers coach, Richard Smith for the defensive coordinator position of the Raiders.
Knapp joined the Raiders in 2007 but was fired in 2008 after Tom Cable took over as interim coach. Under Knapp, the Raiders ranked at the 27th place in total offense in National Football League (NFL).
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