Former Chiefs’ coach Todd Haley closer to land offensive staff deal with Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL News

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Former Chiefs’ coach Todd Haley closer to land offensive staff deal with Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL News
A day after reports had pointed out at the possibility of former Kansas City Chiefs’ coach, Todd Haley, joining the Pittsburgh Steelers as an offensive co-ordinator, the staff is said to have been interviewed for the position by Steelers’ head coach, .
Some sections of media disclosed that the interview had taken place on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, without any decision apparently emerging after the meeting.
Haley if taken on board by Steelers will replace their former offensive coach, Bruce Arians, who was announced his retirement a couple of weeks ago.
Arians had left Steelers in a controversial environment as contradictory to his statement of calling it quits from the coaching role he was reported to have been deliberately let go by his employer.
Steelers had let his contract expire and then refused to renew it, forcing him to inevitably announce his retirement.
The credibility of the reports citing a number of reasons behind his retirement was exposed a couple of weeks later when he joined the Indianapolis Colts for a similar role.
Reports in some sections of media then emerged pointing out that the decision of Arians’ retirement was taken by someone other than the coach himself. The vice president of the team was apparently told to be the main factor behind the decision of parting
ways with him.
None of the officials at Steelers denied or accepted these reports, giving enough space to believe that the retirement of Bruce Arians was indeed a controversial decision that had come from someone from the top management of the team.
Irrespective to the controversy, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been in search of a replacement for their former assistant staff and a couple of names had been tipped to be at their potential targets list.
Haley was reported to be leading the prospects and a meeting was said to be due between him and Steelers coaching officials within few days.
As of the latest information that meeting has already taken place and it was the team’s head coach, Mike Tomlin, who interviewed Todd Haley.
Apparently no decision has emerged from the meeting. Some reports have indicated the possibility of him joining the team.
The former Kansas City Chiefs coach has a plenty of experience in support of his contention for the position. His stay at the team ended with the record of 19-26.
Before joining Chiefs, the coach has served the league in similar position for about ten years. This includes his two-year association with the Arizona Cardinals.
Steelers’ former offensive coach, Bruce Arians, had been credited for training and grooming their attack. He was especially close to their star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, who has expressed his disappointment over departure of the coach.



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