New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft says it’s a privilege to have Tom Brady – NFL News Update

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New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft says it’s a privilege to have Tom Brady – NFL News Update
A few days after the New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady promised his boss, Robert Kraft, to come up with a better performance in the upcoming Super Bowl game, the owner said that he would be proud to have Brady as a son.
Brady had been pretty inconsistent while playing against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game.
Brady completed 22 of 36 passes in the game for 236 yards which was one of his lowest pass completions and one of his lowest performance this season. Brady also threw two interceptions in that game, and has a rushing TD to his account.
However, Brady succeeded in sidelining his poor performance as he succeeded in a 1-yard bold touchdown dive in the fourth quarter of the game to help his team outsmart the Ravens.
Kraft seemed to forget Brady’s poor performance earlier on as he went on to commend his quarterback calling him the best quarterback in the National Football League (NFL), and added that it was a privilege to have him in the team.
“We’re so privileged to have him as our quarterback and our team leader,” Kraft said. “I think he’s the best quarterback, at least in modern times, and we’re privileged to have him on our team. And the best thing about him is he’s the same guy he was when
he came to us and he was fourth string. He kept his humility. He’s a great leader.”
Kraft did not stop of saying that he would be pleased to have him as his son.
“He’s someone I would be proud to have as a son.” Kraft said.
Kraft went on to say that Brady had very “high standards”. He mentioned the promise that Brady earlier on made to him for coming up with an improving performance, saying that he had a private conversation with the quarterback.
That private conversation in which Brady made a promise to deliver in the Super Bowl game did not remain private as it was picked up by the media and subsequently reported and Kraft pointed out to that.
Brady is now focused completely on the Super Bowl game. Recently he tried to shrug aside the notion that the Ravens game would have any impact on the Super Bowl game.
The Patriots would be facing the New York Giants this Sunday in the Super Bowl game.
The Patriots lost the last time they faced the Giants in a Super Bowl game back in 2008.
That loss worries Brady to the extent that he still can’t watch highlights of that game to this day.

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