Former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Caldwell confirms move to Baltimore Ravens as offensive staff – NFL News

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Former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Caldwell confirms move to Baltimore Ravens as offensive staff – NFL News
A couple of weeks after being let go by the Indianapolis Colts, one of the great coaching staff around the National Football League (NFL), Jim Caldwell, announced his move of joining the Baltimore Ravens as an offensive coach.
Caldwell is credited for training and grooming the players likes of Colts’ quarterback, Peyton Manning, and finding an opportunity elsewhere after being snubbed by his former employer, Jim Irsay, was not an issue for him.
Ravens who have traditionally relied on their defence for most of their wins have decided to change their strategy and ready their attack with next season on mind, and to fulfil their objectives they have taken on board Caldwell off the market.
The appointment of the coach has apparently been targeted for training of Ravens’ offensive line, especially their top QB, Joe Flacco.
"After spending considerable time with Jim over the last week, we think he will be an excellent fit with our team, coaching the quarterbacks and helping with our offense," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said.
He added:
"We believe he enhances our staff. Jim has a tremendous history coaching at the college and pro level, especially working with quarterbacks and providing help with offenses. The timing is right to add a quarterbacks coach."
The Baltimore Ravens have come under fire over their defensive approach following to their loss of the American Football Conference (AFC) championship to the New England Patriots, who outclassed them just because having a better attack.
It was probably that criticism that has made them to give a second thought to their strategy and have their attack as good as their defence. A full-time offensive coach’s hiring is the first step that they said have taken towards that end.
Caldwell has been sacked by Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay, a couple of weeks ago, apparently making him alongside all their managers and assistant coaching staff a scapegoat of their poor performance in the 2011 NFL regular season.
Colts who were without their star QB, Peyton Manning, finished the season with only two wins and huge 14 losses. This has prompted the franchise’s owner to introduce a rash of changes in the side and in the drive he has fired all of his managers and coaches,
including the head coach.
Given the amount of popularity Caldwell enjoyed among the Colts, especially the respect he had from the QB Manning, Irsay admitted that it was not an easy decision for him to make.
This did not leave the coach be jobless much longer and he after having being targeted by a couple of sides has landed a deal with Ravens.
Jim Caldwell expressed his excitement over offering of the role by the Baltimore Ravens and said that he was looking forward to work with John Harbaugh, the team’s head coach.



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