Pittsburgh Steelers say linebacker coach Kirby Wilson’s Condition still Critical in Hospital–NFL News

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Pittsburgh Steelers say linebacker coach Kirby Wilson’s Condition still Critical in Hospital–NFL News
Pittsburgh Steelers stated on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, that their running back assistant coach, Kirby Wilson, was still hospitalised and remains in critical condition.
Wilson received burn injuries during an early morning fire at his house in the downtown area of Pittsburgh on January 06, 2012.
He has been under treatment at the UPMC Mercy Hospital ever since, and according to the latest statement released by his team on the behalf of his family, he is still in a critical condition.
The statement said that the coach has received burn injuries on 45 percent of his body. It did not say anything about his chances or timeline of his recovery.
The coach was injured in a fire at his house that broke out in his kitchen, early on Friday morning, and was shifted to the hospital immediately after the incident.
Wilson’s team had earlier spoken of their concerns over his injury given the amount of his significance in the building and training of their running back line-up.
"We know that he has the best medical care in the country treating him", Steelers’ president, Art Rooney II, had said.
"The entire organization is praying for Kirby to have a full recovery and we will be by his side through this difficult time".
Wilson was very popular among the Steelers’ players for his high power generating strategy and the entire hustle bustle he used to create during their training sessions.
Some of the players expressed their shock when they heard about the incident and highlighted the coach’s importance in the development of their game skills and growth of their talent.
"He's really taken me from a practice-squad running back to a running back that's capable of playing in this league", running back, Isaac Redman, had said of Wilson.
"He had a lot to do with my development, being able to recognize defences and being able to be just a complete professional in how I go about my life every day".
Similar views have been echoed by the team management and players in the latest statement, who are hopeful and waiting for the assistant coach’s recovery and comeback.
The Pittsburgh Steelers, since the loss of their wild-card game against the Denver Broncos in the first playoff week, have no more games to play until the new 2012 NFL regular season kicks off later this year.
The side had made it through to the first phase of the postseason through a wild card contest after finishing the regular season with a score of 12-4 points on the league table.
They were tied with the Baltimore Ravens, atop the American Football Conference (AFC) North division.
It was the tie breaker advantage for having beaten the Steelers twice, earlier in the season, that helped the Ravens claim the division title.



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