Kansas City Chiefs’ Coach, Romeo Crennel may stay on as DC – NFL news Update

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Kansas City Chiefs’ Coach, Romeo Crennel may stay on as DC – NFL news Update
It seems evident that the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Romeo Crennel plans to shoulder additional responsibility by staying as the defensive coordinator of the team rather than hire someone else for the job, according to Fox Sports.
Talking to Sirius XM NFL Radio, general manager of the Chiefs, Scott Pioli speculated that Crennel intends to do that.
“I’m not sure if he stated it publicly, but I get the sense Romeo wants to be the coordinator on defence. I don’t know if he’s made the absolute final decision, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way he wants to go,” Pioli said.
Although it is not 100 percent sure whether Crennel would be playing a double role in the team, yet this is something which he seems fully capable of administering.
Towards the end of the season, Crennel had successfully proved his calibre as he acted both as the head coach and defensive coordinator of the team in the last three games.
Crennel had been hurled in as the interim coach after coach Todd Haley was sacked by Scott Pioli.
Chiefs had ended up at the bottom of AFC West going down to 5-8 then, which led to Haley being sacked.
Haley had led the Chiefs to the AFC West title the last year but failed to repeat his performance.
Crennel had been brought in with only three games remaining in the season as Pioli wanted the Chiefs to make it to the playoffs this season and said that there was mathematically still a chance for the Chiefs.
 Crennel started off with a remarkable start as the Chiefs went on to beat the unbeaten Green Bay Packers to deny them the perfect season. The victory turned Crennel into a hero and brightened his chances for the head coach slot.
Though the Chiefs lost their next game to be eliminated from the playoff race, yet they rebounded in their season’s finale game to hand over a defeat to the Denver Broncos.
Crennel had proved his worth in just three games as he led his team 2-1 and Pioli decided to retain him as the head coach rather than opt for someone else.
Earlier on, before taking over as the interim coach, Crennel as the defensive coordinator had helped the Chiefs transform their defence into their biggest strength.
That had been a great achievement that led to Crennel being viewed as a respected defence specialist in National Football League (NFL).
The Chiefs are at present without a coach in both the offensive and defensive coordinator position.
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