Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick express admiration for each other ahead of Super Bowl XLVI game

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Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick express admiration for each other ahead of Super Bowl XLVI game
New York Giants’ head coach, Tom Coughlin, and his New England Patriots’ counterpart, Bill Belichick, who share a unique history together, have admired and shared respect for each other ahead of the Super Bowl XLVI matchup to be played in Indianapolis on
February 5, 2012.
While praising Bill’s overall coaching job, Coughlin said that he is whether it is defensive unit, offensive unit or special team, Bill knows how to train and prepare his men to face different opponents.
Coughlin remarked:
“I certainly do admire him, and he’s done an outstanding job,” Coughlin said this week. “He’s an exceptional football coach, and I’ve said that before.”
Coughlin and Bill coached the Giants together in 1988. The latter was serving the franchise since 1979.
Back then, Coughlin was the team’s coach for the wide receivers, while Bill was defensive coordinator as well as secondary team’ coach.
After 1990, both the coaches parted ways and took different roads.
Belichick joined Cleveland Browns as head coach whereas Coughlin was also the head coach of Jacksonville Jaguars when the two sides met during the National Football League (NFL) regular season in 1995.
In 2004, Coughlin reunited with Giants and was appointed as the head coach this time. At that time, Bill was serving New England Patriots in the same capacity.
In 2007-08 season, both the coaches led their teams to the top of their respective conferences and earned a matchup at Super Bowl XLII.
The Pats, who had spent whole of the season undefeated, were forced to taste defeat against Giants.
Now after four years, these two sides are once again going to face each other in another Super Bowl matchup.
Time has changed and so have the faces, but these two are still here using their experience to nurture the players in the league.
Notwithstanding the reality that they have encountered each other many times, Bill has not lost respect for his old colleague, Coughlin.
Bill commented about Coughlin that:
“Tom is tough, he’s very detailed, he has a lot of experience, he’s an intense coach and I think that’s reflected in the way his teams play. He’s a good friend of mine that I’ve been with a long time, as I’ve mentioned before.”
One of the two teams will emerge victorious on Sunday and both the coaches are equally desperate to see their respective teams wearing the prestigious Super Bowl ring.
However, it can be said with authority that the result of the game is not going to affect the relations between these two professionals.

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