Droopys Loner likely to win Heat 12 at Wimbledon

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Droopys Loner likely to win Heat 12 at Wimbledon
Droopys Loner is likely to claim the title of Heat 12 when she runs on the 480 meters flat track of Wimbledon on Saturday night, May 5.
In the high stakes Open Race, the D. Childs-trained blue and brindle b***h will face Longrange Ivor, Fawkham Rocky, Graigues Orchard, Diesel Malc and Bowtime Sykes.
Containing £150 in the prize purse, the contest will commence at 20:45 (GMT). Droopys Loner will break from the red box.
Since the dawn of 2012, the brilliant b***h has been enjoying sheer form. After winning two races in a row in the first half of January, the three-year-old veteran hound moved ahead to seal a success on January 28.
 In the month of February, the brilliant daughter of Timor Blue out of Droopys Lotto achieved two classic triumphs along with a couple of runner-up positions.
The talented runner stepped ahead to register a triumph each on March 21 and April 18. She finished 2nd in her last outing on April 28.
On the basis of these fantastic feats, the bookmakers have granted the b***h a favourite tag. At the moment, Droopys Loner looks to be quite confident to make a big impact in the Heat. If she keeps her winning drive intact, her chances to thrive will be
up to 95 percent.
However, Graigues Orchard can trigger an upset as the S. Mason-trained white and black dog won five races in a row from March 15 to April 4, 2012. The dashing dog elegantly finished as a runner-up in his last start on April 28.
Diesel Malc can also give a tough time to Droopys Loner. The trainee of M. Fawsitt has been winning with regular intervals since the start of the calendar year. The four-year-old veteran dog accomplished three magnificent victories in January followed by
a win each in February and April.
In this situation, the hot favourite hound will have to apply utmost fighting spirit to browbeat her potential competitors. The race is likely to be greatly thrilling and rousing. Let us enjoy an amazing action on the weekend. Good luck to all the contestants.
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