Suzann Pettersen talks about her fitness programme

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Suzann Pettersen talks about her fitness programme
The world number three Suzann Pettersen appears to be in high spirits these days, as she played a better-than-average game in the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic last week.
The Norwegian star has been following a solid fitness programme for the last few years, which she refers to as a must-do thing for her golfing career.
Pettersen recently talked to the media about her fitness. She said that she is now more careful than ever about her physical health, as this is what gives her confidence on the course.
She said that the sport has become quite challenging, as several new players are emerging. 
The 31-year-old star said that she has been facing some trouble making perfect drives. However, thanks to rigorous workout, she has gained tremendously in such a short time.
Golf players spend most of their time working on their swinging and putting skills, but exercise for the sport has been overshadowed.
Sharing her thoughts about how she started exercising for golf, Pettersen said that she has been involved in workout since the start of her career. She pointed out that being in shape has always helped her play a good game on the course.
The superstar said that her fitness routine is not limited to a certain time period, as she goes to the gym on a regular basis.
“It makes me stay healthy, in shape and focused.  I have always done it. I was born with the love for working out and staying in shape.  I basically have the same program year around. Train more fitness during the season,” She commented.
Pettersen went on to say that every player has their own way of practicing before tournaments. She said that she usually spends her time biking, which is a perfect tool to give her the strength she needs.
When asked about how she continues to follow her fitness programme while she is on tours, the golfing sensation said that she does not worry about it, as she consumes healthy food as an alternative to gym exercise.
“If you want to be smart about how you treat your body, and at the same time become a better golfer, it is smart to work out and focus on the hard work out as well,” she added.



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