Captain Shea Weber backs change in style to keep Nashville Predators in semi-finals-NHL News

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Captain Shea Weber backs change in style to keep Nashville Predators in semi-finals-NHL News
Nashville Predators’ captain, Shea Weber, has backed his side for change in their style irrespective of other concerns of the team.
Predators were down 0-2 in the Western Conference semi-final series, when their captain backed them for the change in Game 3, scheduled on Wednesday, May 02, 2012.
With loss of another game the team will be on the verge of exit in the series and the captain apparently being wary of the situation is towing the idea of change in plans as a last resort to rescue his team from a collapse.
The situation is going to be rather difficult for Predators on Wednesday given they have ousted two key players due to violation of the team’s curfew, preceding Game 2.
Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn, the left and right wing respectively, are the key to the team's success. They are leading scorers for the side and their suspension does not bode well with the team’s hopes of turning things around.
Asked if the team’s needed a change in the style given they are going to be without their two attackers, the captain said they needed a change in any given scenario.
He said:
"I think we need to play a different style than we did in Game 1 and Game 2 – period. Because we weren't ourselves. We need to get back to the way we play, and that's defence-first and our offense will piggy-back off of that."
Some of the commentators have already written Predators out of the series, saying the suspension, which itself is not a good development at its face value, will prove as a distraction for other players.
However, both GM, David Poile, who had announced the ban on the players and the captain, have played down the suggestions that the suspensions will divert focus of other players from the game.
Weber said:
"No, I think we're past that. We're putting it behind us. It happened and there's nothing we can do to take it back."
The GM earlier issued a similar warning to players not to blow the issue out of proportion, saying it was not for the first time that a player was suspended from a team due to violation of team rules.



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