2012 NFL draft: Indianapolis Colts add DE Tim Fugger, DT Josh Chapman, QB Mr. Irrelevant on last day

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2012 NFL draft: Indianapolis Colts add DE Tim Fugger, DT Josh Chapman, QB Mr. Irrelevant on last day
Indianapolis Colts is currently reconsidering its needs at defensive positions for the first time, adding a couple of defensive players in the seventh round of the 2012 National Football League (NFL) draft, held from April 26 to 28, 2012.
One of the new signees, Tim Fugger, played in the AFC (American Football College) league as a defensive end for Vanderbilt College.
His signing is seen as Chuck Pagano's plans, since the players was with Baltimore Ravens, a team that has extensively relied on its defence in most of its victories in the NFL.
It is very rare to see a defence related development from the Colts, since its been almost a year now that the team has been making headlines because of its offensive woes, starting from the absence of their former star quarterback, Peyton Manning.
Fugger was signed a couple of days after Colts picked up their top draft prize of the season, quarterback, Andrew Luck, of Stanford College.
Colts’ new defensive coordinator, Greg Manusky, is said to be the supporting voice for Chuck Pagano to push the owner, Jim Irsay, for pressing requirement of defensive depth in the roster.
Irsay admitted to have lost signing defensive players to other teams in the draft on a few occasions.
He had some success on the closing day of the draft, as before signing the defensive end, Irsay selected defensive tackle, Josh Chapman as the 136th overall pick.
Colts, who had opened the draft with Luck, closed it with drafting Northern Illinois quarterback, Chandler Harnish, dubbed as Mr. Irrelevant.
Mr. Irrelevant said he was lucky to have landed in Indianapolis. He said the destination was in his mind as the first choice.
He said:
"I'm happy to be wanted by a team and I'm happy to be an Indianapolis Colt because that's been my favourite team all the way through."
Following to closure of the draft signing campaign, Irsay said he was working on the respective deals for the players. He said he aims to sign the deals with each player swiftly.



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