Narrow skill set option makes Jacksonville Jaguars cut CB Drew Coleman-NFL News

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Narrow skill set option makes Jacksonville Jaguars cut CB Drew Coleman-NFL News
Cornerback, Drew Coleman, has been cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars’ as in spite of spending almost a year with the team, neither the player nor his team was confident about finding him a permanent place in the squad.
His stay was increasingly becoming difficult as a number of key players have returned to the side this year. His misplacement remains to be the main cause of his departure from Jacksonville.
Both, Will Middleton and Rashean Mathis, have returned from their respective injuries to be available for the next season.
Jaguars, in the meantime, have signed free agent, Aaron Smith, and in presence of these players, Coleman’s position looked uncertain.
One of the problems with the player is that his skills are more or less one-dimensional. For example, he has rarely played in the special teams.
He becomes more costly for a team given that the team does not have an option to utilise his talent and skills at some other position when needed.
This is the reason that his departure did not surprise anyone even though it turned out to be a rather unceremonious exit, as he still had two years left on his contract.
His ousting is also going to have some financial implications as he was due to earn $1.5 million this year.
Before joining Jaguars, Coleman spent five consecutive seasons with the New York Jets.
He played all 16 games of the 2011 National Football League (NFL) regular season.
However, the lack of versatility of skills has restricted the player from potential growth in his career, as he cannot be switched on different positions depending on any team’s requirements, which change from game to game.
It is unclear if he has been approached by any other NFL franchise yet, but some commentators have pointed out the lack of skill set, which all the teams prefer to see in a player, could hamper Coleman’s progress.



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