Tennessee Titans land unspecified deals to 15 new players-NFL News

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Tennessee Titans land unspecified deals to 15 new players - NFL News
As many as 15 undrafted free agents landed in Tennessee on respective unspecified contracts with Titans.
Terms of the deals, including values and tenures, have not been made public by any of the stakeholders.
All the players are expected to join the team, any time in the offseason to participate in next season's preparations.
It turns out to be significant signings from the team following their unsuccessful attempt to hire former Indianapolis Colts' star QB, Peyton Manning, who ended up landing in Denver on a $96 million deal with Broncos.
Titans’ owner, Bud Adams, who was at the forefront of Peyton’s chase had earlier reiterated to look at the need for new talent at almost all positions to build up a strong squad for the next season.
Titans were unlucky to have missed out on an opportunity of qualifying for the playoffs in the 2011 National Football League (NFL) season, with coach, Mike Munchak, into his first year with the team.
Adams was nevertheless happy over the team’s achievement, which some of the game commentators noted to be significant as compared to their poor form a year earlier.
Titans were unfortunate not to qualify for the playoffs as an unfavourable development blocked their way.
Cincinnati Bengals unexpectedly defeated New York Jets and edged past the Titans by securing the last wild card entry into the playoffs.
Bengals were third team from the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division to have reached into the second round of the league in 2011.
Still, Titans were happy with the final result as they finished with winning nine games while losing only seven. The team is hoping for even better results this year.
Almost all commentators believe in Titans’ capabilities of qualifying for the playoffs and moving even beyond that next season.
However, they did admit that Titans would face intense competition in the AFC South division, particularly from Indianapolis Colts, considering Colts' massive changes.



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