Jacksonville Jaguars’ CB Aaron Ross faces busy schedule on return from London – NFL News

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Jacksonville Jaguars’ CB Aaron Ross faces busy schedule on return from London – NFL News
Jacksonville Jaguars’ cornerback Aaron Ross faces a hectic training and preseason schedule on his return to the squad from the 2012 London Olympics, where he watched his wife win a gold medal in women’s 400-meter race for the US while
she finished fifth in the 200-meter category.
Ross was absent from training camp as the team had allowed him to be with his wife at the Olympics. He himself wanted to be there because he had missed the chance of watching her competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but then Sanya Richards
was his girlfriend.
The cornerback told the teammates of the London Olympics' experience:
"It was a great, great experience. It was cake and icing to be able to experience that, but then she was able to put a little icing on the cake with the win. It was great."
He also spoke high of the team’s support to him and his wife, which he said was a special gesture for both. He said:
"Oh, man, that was amazing. We were all at the house re-watching the race celebrating and then they sent us a text and told us that it was all over the news.”
Aaron added:
"They sent us a little video clip of the guys watching the race and you see the guys getting excited, see the coaches getting excited. I mean there's no better feeling than that."
Since flying back to Jacksonville, Ross is trying to make up for the lost time. He faces a busy preseason schedule, which will start with a home game for the Jaguars against the reigning National Football League (NFL) champions – the New
York Giants.
Ross remains upbeat about his fitness and form, raring to start action. This time it is all new for him given the Jaguars are being led on to the field by new head coach Mike Mularkey. It is yet to be seen how this impacts the team’s performance
overall but the players like Ross are hopeful about the Jaguars prospects this season.



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