Torn Achilles tendon: 2012 NFL season on line for Baltimore Ravens’ LB Terrell Suggs-NFL News

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Torn Achilles tendon: 2012 NFL season on line for Baltimore Ravens’ LB Terrell Suggs-NFL News
The Baltimore Ravens received a serious blow to their 2012 National Football League (NFL) season preparations in the form of an injury to their key player, linebacker, Terrell Suggs.
Although the player, who tore his Achilles tendon during the team’s offseason conditioning workout, declared the earliest possible time of his return to be the second half of the coming season, it is possible that he may miss the entire season.
Suggs is going to discuss the matter with a number of surgeons this week to get their opinion on the injury and timeline for its recovery.
In the absence of a firm timetable, the player hopes for a quick recovery and return in five to six months.
However, given the average amount of time for injuries of this nature to heal to be around 11 months, his return within this projected timeframe is rather unlikely.
The average recovery time was estimated in a study by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2006.
In view of the study and some other independent opinions, the player might miss the entire upcoming season.
Both, the player and the team, can only hope for his earliest possible recovery.
Suggs remains a key member of the squad and his absence is not going to bode well with his team’s next season’s ambitions of winning the title.
One of Ravens' next season’s targets is to go beyond the playoffs, which they have consecutively qualified for the past four seasons.
Interestingly, the management has not made any official announcement related to the player’s injury and any alternates in case he doesn’t return next season.
The player is also planning on having a surgery next week after receiving an opinion from seniour surgeons.
According to the player, he was apparently not aware of the injury when it occurred. Also, he said, he is not on crutches despite the serious nature of his injury.
This tends to have a negative affect on his chances of early recovery and return.



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