Participation of Andrei Kostitsyn and Alexander Radulov undecided for Nashville Predators’ next game

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Participation of Andrei Kostitsyn and Alexander Radulov undecided for Nashville Predators’ next game
The Nashville Predators have said they are unsure about bringing back two of their key players, Andrei Kostitsyn and Alexander Radulov, suspended for a game over breach of the team’s curfew, the night prior to Game 2 of the Eastern Conference playoff semi-finals
Predators’ forwards, Andrei Kostitsyn and Alexander Radulov, sat out of Game 3 to serve the ban and now their participation in Game 4 is undecided.
Predators’ coach, Barry Trotz, has not made a decision on the matter yet, apparently because he was satisfied with the team’s performance in the absence of the duo.
He said:
"I know it is going to be very tough if I do anything. I thought everyone was pretty committed. So I can't give a definite decision right now because I don't have that.”
He added:
“The guys that were in got the job done, and they played very hard. It would be very difficult for me to give you an exact line-up for tomorrow."
Both players earlier agreed to accept the punishment, willing to cooperate with the team in their game against Phoenix Coyotes.
They were on the sidelines during the game, which Predators won 2-0. It was their first victory in the seven-game series.
In the absence of those players, one of the replacements, Jordin Tootoo, performed really well and gained the coach’s confidence.
Trotz said of Tootoo:
"He had good focus last night. He had good energy. He had good discipline and he was a factor in the game in terms of being hard to play against. That is our identity. We have to be hard to play against."
So with the management unsure about return of the duo, their comeback chances hang in the balance.
It is pertinent to note that both players are leading scorer for the Predators.
Although the team won the game without them, their participation in the next game will still be crucial.



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