Cleveland Browns LB Scott Fujita banned for admittedly financial pledges to bounty pool-NFL News

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Cleveland Browns LB Scott Fujita banned for admittedly financial pledges to bounty pool-NFL News
The illegal bounty programme, which recently shook the entire National Football League (NFL), has spread to encompass players from more teams, including Cleveland Browns.
Browns’ linebacker, Scott Fujita, is reported to have received monetary rewards for illegal hard hits on opponents while he was playing for the New Orleans Saints.
Fujita has been suspended for three games by NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, and the ban is estimated to cost him about $640,000.
He is the latest player to have been punished for being a part of the covert bounty programme, which, as a matter of fact, was used to encourage players to inflict injuries on their opponents and earn cash rewards in return.
Scott admitted to have "pledged a significant amount of money to the prohibited pay-for-performance/bounty pool during the 2009 NFL Playoffs."
The Saints, being the epicentre of the programme, have already been hit hard by the suspension of players and officials, who in one way or the other were a part of this illegal scheme.
It has already resulted in hue and cry from almost all sides that are somehow seeking a way out of the controversy, as clean as possible.
The programme since being unearthed by a league’s investigation has hit hard the reputation of teams, their players and officials alike, and many of them are hoping that none of their members is linked to the controversy.
Browns, who until recently seemed to be unaware of the player’s alleged involvement, will abide by the commissioner’s ruling.
Browns’ coach, Pat Shurmur, who has spent only a year with the team, said in a statement:
"We will respect the Commissioner's decision. Scott is a valued member of the Cleveland Browns, and we look forward to his participation in our offseason program and training camp."
The revelations around the illegal programme have not stopped and some previously unknown aspects are gradually unveiling.
For example, some players disclosed that the programme had a higher payment option for hitting leading players.



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