RB Maurice Jones-Drew hopeful for new deal despite Jacksonville Jaguars’ snub- NFL News

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RB Maurice Jones-Drew hopeful for new deal despite Jacksonville Jaguars’ snub- NFL News
The Jacksonville Jaguars have so far remained clear in conveying a message to running back, Maurice Jones-Drew (MJD), that they expect him to honour the remaining two years on his current contract, yet the player is hopeful of getting
his terms renegotiated.
Recently, both sides acknowledged that the absence of MJD from offseason workout activity is in protest of his deal demand but none of the parties has offered to become flexible in their respective stances on the pertaining deal matter
of the RB.
Maurice is demanding a raise in his payout, while the team says he still has two years to honour from his previous contract.
The player, who recently has some supportive comments from the punters, is in strong belief that he will get his deal redone by the full training camp this year.
He says:
"This is what the NFL is really about. What I can say is that I hope that we can get something done. To talk about it in the media is not going to help. Hopefully we can have something where we can be able to get out there and play in
the future."
Some commentators argue the demand of the player is legitimate, as players at his position with other teams are earning at least two times higher than what he does.
Jaguars’ general manager, Gene Smith, does not agree with their view, and he, on a couple of occasions, has insisted that the player should service the present contract first.
MJD has dared to face off the threat of the hefty fines, $60,000, for missing the mandatory three-day minicamp and $30,000 a day for absence from the full training camp next month.
Both the GM and head coach, Mike Mularkey, have not hinted at exercising their authorities to fine the player so far, but the coach is said to be unhappy over the choice of the player to sit out the training and practice.
It looks certain that Jones-Drew will miss the training camp starting in July, if the matter does not reach to an amicable solution by then.



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