Foot injury: Jacksonville Jaguars’ RB Maurice Jones-Drew status unknown – NFL News

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Foot injury: Jacksonville Jaguars’ RB Maurice Jones-Drew status unknown – NFL News
Jacksonville Jaguars’ star running back Maurice Jones-Drew missed fourth straight game with a foot injury and the chances for him to play next week have yet not been confirmed by the team.
Jones suffered the injury four weeks earlier and since then has been nursing his left foot. There was some hope that he might show up for practice in the week leading up to their game against the Houston Texans, but he could not do so.
His injury appears to be aggravated as yet as the team has kept mum since last week, without confirming his status along with some other players. The player himself and his agent are equally tight-lipped about the player’s return to action.
Some media sections have reported that the player is avoiding giving exact timeframe for comeback without consulting doctors once again, which is expected this week. After that, a final thorough view of his injury status and rehab is likely to emerge.
If the RB sits out next week as well, he might be out for another few weeks. There is no information if needs a surgery in the foot and if that is the requirement then he should be out for quite a few weeks.
In case of minor to medium level surgery he should be able to heal within two to three weeks and still there is a chance that he gets a pair of games in the season to play for the side.
Coming week is expected to clearer the situation for Maurice as well as for the Jags, who in absence of the star performers like him are suffering on the offensive line.
For example, amid all the uncertainty about Maurice, they have suffered another serious blow in form of an injury to their offence leader quarterback Blaine Gabbert, although his injury appears to be not that serious. It is just a bruised elbow and there
is strong optimism in the team that he should be fine and ready for action next week.
The Jags are in a must-win position for all games if they want to put some respectable tally of points on the league’s standing chart. With only a single win so far the task does not appear to be that easy for them.



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