Masturbation to stay healthy

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i am wondering how often i should m********e to stay healthy, i was told if you dont masurbate your seamen can go all manky? im 14. cheers




  1. Try masturbating daily. That way. s***n is released on a regular basis, and your p***s will also feel good.

  2. s***n doesn't go manky but ejaculation is good for the health of the prostate. Do it as often as you feel the desire to - there are no hard fast rules.  

  3. My boyfriend does it a couple times a day. Like once in the morning once before bed. I'd say do it at least once a day. But don't over do it. If you m********e too much in one day your balls will hurt and you'll need t otake a day or two off.

  4. As often as you like.

    They have found a light health advantage for guys who jerk off regularly, but it is not overwhelming.

  5. every day

  6. you an m********e as often as you feel the need. there are no limits.


  7. You Brits and your myths.  If you don't m********e regularly your body simply conjures up a wet dream and makes you ejaculate while you're asleep.  But you don't need any excuses other than it feels good.  Just m********e as often as you want or need to. 1-3 times a day is typical for your age.

  8. Hi Rugby5man

    I guess it depends on your needs. like how often the urge requires some action. I think the main point is to be sure the frequency doesn't interfere with your other responsibilities. The fact that you asked suggests you are a responsible young man so I think you will know what is best for you. All the best.

  9. masterbation is healthy but they say u should m********e 1 aday or 1 every other day so u dont get prostate cancer  for guys but if anyone said ur seamen get manky is wrong go ahead m********e if u want i know i would never m********e  i rather have a girl do it get me off then m********e  

  10. Do it once a day to keep the depression away.  If you don't do it for a while it kinda becomes stale, this isn't a problem unless your trying for a wee baby, then you want a fresh batch.

  11. Lol, i m********e every day =o 3-4 times a day lol, thats probably obsessive so not that healthy but i think once a day should be healthy enough, and i dont think if you don't m********e it will be manky, i think there will just be alot because you havn't squirt your load before so it'd be really thick.

  12. theres nothing wrong with masturbation, but theres nothing wrong with not doing it either

  13. your s***n won't go manky but it is healthy to m********e it helps your prostate gland [it makes seminal fluid] and helps you learn how to control your responses to stimulation

  14. Jackinworld did a survey of its readers and obtained the following results:

    Average Masturbation Frequencies by Age:

    11: 11.1 times per week

    12: 9.4

    13: 10.6

    14: 10.6

    15: 9.9

    16: 9.6

    17: 9.4

    18: 8.5

    19: 9.3

  15. whenever you're in that mood to do that is when you should. but don't it too often because some weird things can happen

  16. I m********e once everyday. And yeah, if there's a long gap between two sessions, your body tends to expel the old sperms out as well, so I guess that explains your 'manky'.  

  17. i dont no about your s***n going manky but i do it on average 7-8 times a week and im 14, also a servey found that that is how often most 13-15 year olds m********e!

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