Is it normal for p**p to be purple and red because im scared

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i have recently been pooping purple and red colors and the shape of it is like a big circle this is not a joke someone please tell me what disease i have im really scared




  1. What have your been eating?

    Unless you eat some really colorful food your condition is far from normal.

    Tiny hemorrhoid can also cause blood in your p**p especially if your p**p is hard. Bright red blood mixed with the stool usually indicates something at the lower regions of the colon. In a young person, hemorrhoids are the mostly likely cause, while in an older person, we would worry about polyps and colon cancer.

    Go to the doctor and have your p**p checked.

  2. see yur doc!

  3. that is like some s**y raver p**p right there

  4. wow go to a doctor thats the only way to know if your sick

  5. If you had anything purple or red to eat then you should be fine. If you didn't, see a doctor if it continues.

  6. It could be blood in your stool. Dark red or purple streaks in your stool can be old blood that has taken awhile you get through your digestive tract, usually from your upper intestines. If it has a very foul odor it can be what's called Melena which is a sign of a problem or injury in your digestive system. If its a brighter red or maroon its fresher blood from your lower intestines. This can be an ulcer, hemorrhoids, IBS, fissures etc.

    Either can also be a symptom of something more serious like cancer or pre-cancerous polyps.

    Alternatively sometimes if you've eaten a lot of berries it can change the stool color.

    For a one time occurrence I wouldn't panic, but if this becomes regular you should see a doctor asap.

  7. No it is not normal.

    Poo is a browny type colour.

    I suggest you see a doctor.....


  8. If you have been eating beetroot lately then this is normal. If not, then it's blood in the stool which shuld always be investigated promptly. Don't sit at home worrying about it, see a doctor.

  9. Consider what you have eaten in the past few days.

    Beets, Cherries, Berries, Kool Aid  come to mind as things that will color your stools as they come through.

    Give the deep colored foods a rest for the next 2 or 3 days.  See if that corrects your problem.

    If not, see the doc.

  10. Congratulations, you have colon cancer.

  11. Not its not normal, see you doc m'kay.

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