Some Condom Questions.

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1. If I'm trying to be discrete while carrying a few (such as when, I don't want the girl to think of me as a pig) Do you think it's okay to cut a secret compartment in my wallet or bag? (Where she wont see them)

2. Embarrassing..If my p***s is just under 5 1/2 inches long..there is a condom that will fit me, right?




  1. question 1. just keep em in your sock or somethin. most girls i know are more likely to sleep with u if they know you have a condom.

    question 2. yes

  2. 1) medium is fine

    2) i wouldnt because i think most girls when they see a condom they know that the guy is prepared and smart for having protection.

  3. 1,why hide them ,they show that you have a knowledge of pregnancy and STDs and that you may be intimate moor than once .                    2, most condoms are suitable for all ,but you can request smaller or larger ones from your supplier.

  4. just to add if you keep them in your wallet/sock the friction will make them less effective (meaning you might be a daddy soon) and also if you keep them in your car the heat damages the latex so that also means that they are not as protective. so just be careful were you store them.  

  5. why hide it?  you are being responsible for your health and your body.  i see nothing to be ashamed of.  she's going to see it if you have s*x anyway, and what would she be doing in your wallet to find it?

    as for size, there are only two, standard and magnums.  just buy the std and you'll be fine.  5.5" isnt tiny or anything, and they will work.

  6. this is weird but I'm 15...

    anyways, a condom can hold a gallon of water and can fit a elephant p***s... I think your okay....

    dont ask How I know this.... (Blame youtube... seriously... you click one thing and you end up on a totally different section of youtube  

  7. first of all there are condoms for all sizes. and if you want to carry the condom discretely put them in your socks. that is like the best place. Trust me!!!

  8. How old are you?

  9. 1. If this girl is a sensible girl, she won't see you as a pig for carrying them, she will think it is very responsible of you.

    Just keep them in your wallet in a discreet place (somewhere they're not going to fall out when you're buying a Coke)

    If she does find them? Just explain to her, you carry them because you're a believer in safe s*x. You shouldn't need to explain anything more than that.

    I would steer away from a "secret compartment", this will arouse questions such as "why do you have to hide them from me?"

    2. Over 5 inches, is nothing to worry about. Condoms are catered for all shapes and sizes. They're very durable =)

    3. Enjoy yourself, and remember. It aint just the size, its knowing how to use it =)

  10. I think If you are too insecure to carry a condom with confidence, you are too young to have s*x. Confidence is s**y!

    If you are trying to be discreet, then it sounds like you are not having an open relationship with the woman. She should be involved enough to discuss condoms in case she is allergic to the spermicide on some brands. If you are in a committed relationship, you can discuss these important things. If you are just trying to pick up a girl at a bar and hope to get lucky, who cares where you carry the condom. She won't care. Just make sure you have one!

    and Buy several brands of condoms and see which one fits you best. Of course you can find a condom that fits you regardless of your length. Good luck!  

  11. Most guys have them in their wallet you know, maybe she'll like that you " care ".

    And yes, I believe you can get small ones.
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