Is it normal for there to be a huge difference in how long ur d**k is between hard and a 4 1/2 dif

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Is it normal for there to be a huge difference in how long ur d**k is between hard and a 4 1/2 dif




  1. uh yea! it goes from cute little baby stub, to WOAH baby!

  2. Yes, it's very normal. However, I've heard it said that men with larger p***s's show little difference in size while flaccid/erect.

  3. some men are growers and some are showers.  some men remain fairly large flacid and dont grow much, while others are small flacid, but grow a lot when erect.  it just depends on your body type.  i was always self conscience about my size based on seeing other guys at the lockerroom and such.  that was until i realized, erect, i am a good average at 6.5".  relax and accept yourself.  you can't really change it anyway, so why worry so much?

  4. there is a great difference in size. your p***s becomes a lot larger when erect.

  5. Limp mine is like 1.5", erect its 4.8".  Difference in mine is almost 3.5"

  6. Yup

  7. Yes sir it is.

    Some men are called growers, some men are called showers (pronounced show-ers).

    Growers are men who are fairly small when their p***s is flaccid (soft) but grows proportionately larger when erect (like 4 1/2" larger or more).  For instance, a p***s could be 3" when flaccid but grows to 7" once erect.

    Showers are men who are fairly large when their p***s is flaccid, but does not grow much larger once erect.  For instance, a p***s could be about 7" when soft, but only grows to 8" once erect.  This is a shower.

    So, it is normal to fit in either category.  

    Take care.

  8. yes it is

    showers and growers

  9. It's totally irrelevant how big your p***s is when it's flaccid (soft).  It's only measured when it's erect (hard) and ready for action, never, ever when it's soft.  Mine all but disappears when it's soft.  Some guys stay pretty much the same size, hard or soft.  It's all normal.

  10. lmao! yes! duh

  11. Yeah sure. It's very normal. But different for everyone!!

    have fun.

  12. I prefer flaccid p***s, thanks.

  13. Yes, absolutely. Soft size varies during the day, and is never important.  

  14. dayyyyyum(:

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